Monday, July 18, 2016

Chaos Panthers and Basing Issues

Welcome to an inadvertent series called Miniature Monday.  It wasn't intentional, but the summer lull in scheduling means that some painting gets done over the weekend at Chez Abox.  This week's offering is Splintered Light's Chaos Panthers, done in a traditional black so dark it has blue highlights.

Hold up, if these are specifically for Castle Meatgrinder, what's with the rock and grass bases?  It's going to look like everyone in the dungeon is carrying raw earth and grass around.  Maybe, but I like consistency, and that's preferable to some having stone patterns and some having grass underfoot. 

There is a more practical reason, though.  It helps cover up other basing issues.  As you can see, these bases are hand fashioned. The grass breaks up the ragged edges of the base.  It also helps cover up the little holes that invariable form when a standard washer meets a figure with an irregularly shaped footprint that doesn't quite cover up the 'donut hole' in the washer.

Monday, July 11, 2016

It's Okay, I'm With the Warband

Took almost half of the year of fantasy to get around to painting up some heroes, but they look great.  You'll want to click on the pictures to get the full effect.  This is a 10 man pack from Ral Partha Europe's BlightHaven line, specifically BH011: Human Mercenary Warband.

These guys look a little too uniform for the sort of rag-tag band of misfits that tickle my D&D sensibilities, but they'll make a fine force in any sort of warband skirmish game such as Song of Blades and Heroes or even Osprey's EnGarde! (which has yet to see the table - one more warband and we're good to go).

These troops match a color scheme used in my 10mm figures with a lone tower keep emblazoned on a yellow field.  In D&D they may make hired mercenaries (i.e. hireleings), but if a player wanted to use one for a character it wouldn't break my heart.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guest Post at Castalia House This Week

Monday the good folks over at Castalia House published a guest post by yours truly:  Wargaming for Wargamers Who Don't Have Time to Wargame.  As a wargame-related article, I had thought it would go up today, but they snuck a high fast one past me here.  It's not too late - go check it out.  Then go back, that blog is one of the best out there, covering as it does such a wide swath of fantasy and sci-fi media.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Big Nasty Bugs

Giant scorpions are some of my favorite wandering monsters.  Big, armored, and poisonous, even mid-level adventurers have to consider tangling with them.  Wandering around, they don't even have any treasure.  (Unless a clever player thinks to carve out its poison sac for sale to an alchemist.) I've been trying to use more washes in these 15mm figures, and the mottled look turned out okay.  My brushwork needs a little more practice to get washes right. The blood red markings confirm to no known real-world scorpions, but give them a bit more menace.

These are more Reaper Bones figures, transformed from big to giant by the magic of scale creep. The sword-fellow is a sneak peek at a warband that I've been painting up - you'll see him in focus next Monday. 
Happy Independence Day to all you yanks on the other side of the big pond.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Fantasy Boss Monster - Filthy Beast

This is a Reaper Bones miniature, called Filth Beast (#77125) and carved by K. Williams. 
This was challenging for a couple of reasons.  It is the first real miniature from Reaper that I've painted, and this plastic is not easy to deal with.  I've also been experimenting with washes a little more.

For this one, I spraypainted the figure white and then hit is with an all over flesh wash.  The colors applied are thinned acrylic paint to keep it translucent.  The Reaper figure material is very flexible, and the wash tended to rub off in my hands during painting.

The effects are pretty dang good, though.  This thing looks filthy.  Although marketed as a 28mm figure, it makes for a massive 15mm dungeon denizen.  The human figure shown here for scale is out of Ral Partha's Blighthaven line, specifically the Human Mercenary pack.  I'm really looking forward to painting up the first set of good guys for the dungeon.

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Bit of Sci-Fi

Chalk these two little guys up to the lead mountain.  They've been based and primed for a long time, just kind of hanging out in the queue waiting for inspiration to strike.  It never did, so I finally just knocked out a quick bronze and silver pattern respectively.