Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Paladin in Sloretown

For the record, that was my uber-powered Paladin trashing the tracks of the Jeffro Pacific Express Freight to Funkytown.

Before we get into the view from the player side of the screen, a confession: I used this generator to roll up a fighter type and got the stats for a Paladin on the first try.  That was a mistake.  After the session, I rolled up a few more characters with it and discovered to my horror that it uses a modified Method III to guarantee a fighter's stats.  A modified Method III is not Method III, as handed down from the pen of Mister Gygax.

I should have known better.

My only solace is that, due to logistical difficulties, this game was a one-off for me.

And what a one-off it was.

My paladin, Aggros DeLas Aled, tagged along because his master caught him "with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar."

A minor point to add, because it didn't come up again in the session, Aggros isn't the brightest guy and when he said "proverbial" he really meant "literal".  The degenerates in the party assumed he was attempting to atone for the sin of lust when in fact he was atoning for the sin of indulging in carbs during his physique cutting season.

And here we see the value of old school play.  "I was told to help you by my superiors," is a perfectly valid excuse for the wrong kind of character to have to work with a group for which he is ill-suited.  Even a golden souled Paladin understand the value of hierarchy, and can put a willingness to obey the orders of the head of his order above his own personal desires.  That allows him to play along while maintaining a clean conscience.

And as a demonstration of my trust for the dice, consider the following exchange:

DM: The naked demon woman lands next to the whore.
Aggros: I tackle her.
DM:  The demon or the whore?
Aggros:  Hang on.  *rolls dice*  The demon.

Now what, you might ask, would you have done had the dice told Aggros to tackle the whore instead?

Rolled with it.  Aggros would have shielded her from the rain of death about to be unleashed by bow-armed snipers placed at key positions around the area.  He would have cured diseases on her and offered to escort her to the nearest nunnery to take up the habit and leave Trollopolis in the rearview mirror forever.  With some stabbity stabbity of the demonette along the way, naturally.

That also would have made a fine story.  As it happened, it was not the story that fate or chance or luck had in mind that night.

And that's okay.

Because we rocked that demon-lady hard, trussed her up, and delivered her to Elric the King who probably won't make of her a queen to sit by his side until Stormbringer drinks her soul.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hunting the Pub Game Wumpus

My latest episode of "Joy of Wargaming" shows off one of my prized wargame possessions, a slick little book from the late 1990s that features a bunch of fast and beery games suitable for play at the pub (pic related).

Written by long time Miniature Wargames editor Iain Dickie, it took some wrangling to get this from the UK back before the internet was what it would become.

Now, I have no idea how to find a copy.  The internet, big as it is, has got nothing on it.

Any of you lot know anything about these and where I might secure a second copy?

Oh, and here's the episode in case you missed it:

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Another Half-Hour One Hour Wargame Live Play

"Live Play" the man says in the title to describe a battle fought on the table two weeks ago.  Whatever.  I didn't land on the post-definitional world, the post-definitional world landed on me.

Here's another battle report you can view from the comfort of your own bunker:

In more boring news, I cleaned up the link rot on the left-hand column.  Removed a few busted links and dumped in a few new hot ones. 

Check out 15mm Through Space and Time for some richly painted figures in the One True Scale to Rule Them All.  Or hit Picts From the Front for some world-class kitbashing in 15mm, including mechas made from old plastic sprues.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Space Station Gallery

For those of you who prefer still life to video life, here's a shot of La Tortugastra, still a work in progress.  I've got a few more terrain items to slap down, and the walls are looking pretty bare to this day.  Needs more travel posters, artwork, graffitti, and utility boxes.  Still, it's shaping up nicely, and once I finish playing through the Necromancer King's Crusade, I'll get cracking on some sci-fi shoot-'em-ups here in the biggest little spacestation of all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Necromancer King Returns

Long time fans of the blog will recall a three-part fantasy campaign played years ago.  That campaign died when my primary opponent graduated and flew off to college and other adventures.  Well the Necromancer King has finally returned from the Land of the Dead, and you can follow along as he launches a Death Crusade against the land of the living.  Yeah, the Joy of Wargaming isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Just between you and me and the YouTube censors make three, I'm recording all these videos a week or so in advance.  That way I can skip a few days and not miss a beat.  You'll get new vids every other day for as long as my stamina holds out.  That also means that I won't be responding in real-time to any real-world goofiness.  You can expect a relatively drama free channel where we leave the fighting where it belongs - on the tabletop.

Say...that reminds me, maybe now is a good time to give Irregular Miniatures game Riot  a second look.  Been meaning to at least read through the rules of that one.

Too soon?

Monday, June 1, 2020

More Details on The Turtle Station

Coupla quick shots today showing some details of the wild and wooly landing bay 1-2-3 for the space port.  That planter is just shown for scale.  Barrels are wooden dowel cut to size, the boxes are balsa cut to size.  Both have been tapped with bits of cereal box cardboard.  The Big green machine in the lower left is a bunch of odds and sods slapped together and painted industrial.  I'm thinking that floor needs some dirtying up, and we need to put some more mechanicals and electrical boxes on the walls to really clutter up the place and make it look grimy.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tortugastra Interior Decorating Start

My 15mm space station nears completion.  Of sorts.  This is the sort of project that begs for little details.  Take a look at the bar and lounge area shown here.  It's ready for gaming with all the final cover in place and painted, but it still needs some curtains behind the stage, posters for local synthwave bands on the walls, and a decent rack of booze behind the bar.
The rest of the station is waiting for this sweet haul of loot from GCMinis and Khurasan to get painted up and fixed permanently in place.  

Before permanent installation, I dry-fit the naked terrain in place just to make sure that everything looked good and that I knew where it would all live at the end of the day.  As you can see, the place is really starting to come to life!

I did have a bit of salvaged terrain already dumped in place, and some more kitbashed works in progress, but you'll have to wait for those.  Full details on the construction of this lovely terrain will be provided on my Joy of Wargaming videos in the coming weeks.