Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Promised Land: Work In Progress

Just as promised yesterday, I've got the first of a series of work in progress posts for all you faithful reader out there.  Most of the work here was accomplished over the weekend:

The brown portions of the ground here were primed, a little sand added, and then primed again to seal in the sand.  I used the same shade of brown as used on the other boards so that they'll blend in (almost) seamlessly.

It ain't pretty yet, but it's progress.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Itch Not Fully Scratched

Wha-hey!  Guess who still has the gumption to slap some paint around?  That's right, it's your old pal, Warren.

Check it, peeps, the public utilities board is totes complete:

It's a little light on cover, but it's the heaviest board in the box. So it should be rugged enough to withstand plenty of play time.  The ground isn't nearly as shiny as it appears in that last shot.  The black windows were left that shiny on purpose, though.  I think it makes them look more like security camera covers.

Now I've just got to sand, prime, paint, seal, and dullcote four more boards.  Brace yourself for a few work-in-progress posts.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Obligatory Still Kicking Post

If you must, feel free to insert a cliched "not dead yet" joke here. (That's what most bloggers do when they return after an extended absence.)   Instead of that, I'm just going to stick with a meta-not-dead-yet joke instead.
At any are a couple of shots of the freshly painted pumphouse block.  It needs a coat of black wash to dull it out - it's too bright compared to the rest of the buildings, but a shot of The Dip will fix it up just fine.

It might seem silly to prime those blue plastic electric boxes in preparation for painting them a slightly different shade of blue, but this shade matches the blue in the rest of the buildings on the table.  This helps the overall visual appeal of the neighborhood and helps tie everything together.

I considered painting the buildings a nice industrial green, but that wouldn't work well with the green sludge pond.  I could have gone with blue water in the sludge pond, but The Dip would have made it look too muddy for my taste.  So here we are - blue buildings and green sludge make the pump house a less dull boy.