Friday, December 29, 2017

New Year, New Project

Time for an annual genre shift.  2017 was a year filled with fantasy.  My fantasy table is as complete as it needs to be and my fantasy figure tackle box is crammed almost to bursting.  The pair of long weekends for the holiday mean that I've had time to start in on a new sci-fi tabletop.  I also had time for a few games - check back here for links to full write-ups on one of the other blogs I contribute to.

I've always wanted to have a decent space station suitable for corridor fights, but never really found a system to my liking.  Rather than constantly wish I had the perfect battleground, I've decided to settle for a good one now rather than the best one ever.  I'll have a few more informative shots up later, but for now, here's a sneak peek at the terrain.

The fantasy figures were close at hand.  I've been toying with making this set-up genre neutral.  By painting it as caves, I think I can use set dressing to swap out between fantasy and sci-fi.  We'll see.  I like the idea of conduits and tubing and control panels affixed to the walls to really make this table shine as a science complex or spaceport.

Either way, 2018 is going to be a great year.  I'm looking forward to getting it started off with a bang!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Boxing Day!

By now the boy has finally unwrapped his Christmas presents, so I can show you what he got without spoiling any surprises.  It's Warhammering Time!  He traded away some terrain a few years back and has been playing with ugly tan vehicles for some time.  He left them here when he went of for some colleging, which gave me the chance to sit down and spiffy them up a bit.  With these new paint jobs, he's going to be the belle of the Only War Ball.  Make sure you scroll to the bottom, that last paint job is complete aces.  Enough to bring a tear to the Emperor's own eye.

That's not great, let's zoom in a bit...

If you don't want to click for biggening, the left blade reads, "For Love of Suffer Not", and the right "Sic Semper Hereticus".

Turns out graffiti is half the fun of painting these things.  The Imperial Guard has the best fiction, really, just the best.


I actually painted up two troop carriers and two heavy tanks.


We Brake 4 Sororitas

Oh hell yeah, that turned out better than I anticipated.  Note that the Bloody Rose is one of the Sororitas chapters, specifically the one dedicated to maximum carnage.  I had more fun painting this little gal than should be legal.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Drone Sweet Drones

Two years ago, while travelling through upper Cali, I found these little guys inside the glass case of a comic/gaming/general nerdery shoppe called Bat Comics and Games.  At only a buck each and perfect for drones in 15mm scale, I snatched them up.  They had no identifiers, but that's not a problem for the hivemind over at the Lead Adventure Forum, and within a day they were IDed as Boppers.

According to the ancient texts, these little guys go way back to the METAGAMING days.  They were originally designed for use with a game called RIVETS - one I've never played, but one that looks fun nonetheless.  Looks like I got a Jack Bopper, two Rocket Boppers, and a Tiny Bopper.  Cute little guys, and the perfect size for drones or even as parked 'bots usable as cover.

These four little guys will probably be pressed into service as some sort of automated security or cleaning drones for use with my next project.  It's a real doozy, and you're going to be suitably impressed.  If the holidays are quiet, I hope to show you a whole new gaming board the first week of January.
The lovely spokesmodels shown for scale are Khurasan's Grav Armor crew with the ridiculously long silencers at the end of their barrels snipped down to a more reasonable length.