RPG Stuff You Can Use

From time to time, I make stuff you can use in your D&D campaign.  Here's a brief list of the best ones:

Full Blown Adventures
  • One Page Adventure - A small goblin cave ready for plunder - a one page dungeon.
  • Brass Canon's Plunder - A buried treasure hidden on a small dangerous island - a one page dungeon.
  • The Wizard's Tower - A 3.0/3.5 adventure for first level characters.  Long and wordy.
  • The Mini-Megadungeon - The biggest little megadungeon around, this 22 page PDF collects all 14+ levels of the Mini-Megadungeon experience into one tidy little download.

Maps You Can Use

Odds and Ends
  • Starting Equipment - Roll All the Dice Generator for old timey D&D
  • Plunder - A short list of off-beat magic items you can throw at the party

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