Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flashback Update

Remember way back when I first posted the construction of these bunkers?

Yeah... Since I ran out of figures, I went ahead and painted them up.

Size Matters Plus

Here's a comparative shot of each of the different types of figures in my sci-fi collection. It's worth seeing how they all stack up against each other.

Action shot!  The lizards are caught by the human marines in a classic pincer movement. 

Finally got around to getting the BNL logo onto the side of the colony buildings.  This outfit doesn't have nearly enough logos to fit the canon universe, and it uses colors other than red, white, and blue, too.  It must be a prequel colony or maybe one of the other ships in the fleet pulled a Voyager and wound up half way across the galaxy where they gave up on the cruise and built their own space-empire.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Empty Queue

What kind of terrible wargamer am I?  These mounted lizardmen represent the last of the figures waiting to be painted.  At this rate, I may have to resort to painting more of my son's figures.  These are the kinds of problems you want to have.

It's hard to get a good idea of what exactly what Pendraken's SF28, mounted lizardmen with lazer weapons, looks like.  The title says it all, but in most of the online photos you can't really make out where the lizardman ends and the mount begins.  Hopefully these photos will give everyone a better idea of the details on these little gems.

Each pack comes with five figures, three of these
multi-barrel gunners...
...and two of these heavy machine guns.  This is two photos
of the same two figures from different angles.
All my lizards are blue, having evolved to hide among the blue plants of the local red planet. The lizards are gray for much the same reason, to hide among the rocks.  Conveniently, that results in figures that provide contrast between the lizards and their mounts.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lizard Cavalry

Figuring out how to stat these dinosaur riding, laser cannon wielding lizards is gonna be a whole lot of fun.

SF28 - Mounted lizardmen with laser weapons

And again with an enemy and ally for scale.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cut to the Scaly Chase

Surprise!  Finished lizardmen.  I forgot to post the unpainted versions of these little critters.  Whoops.  We're looking at four  orders of Pendraken's Lizardmen with Laser Weapons (SF27).  Each pack comes with five figures, two of the ones shown in the first photo and three of the ones shown in the second photo.  I separated the photos by the two different model types that come in the packs just for the sake of clarity.

And of course, one shot with a human marine to show how well they scale.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Space Cows!


These are Pendraken's SF36, "Minotaur with Heavy Weapon", but they look like space cows to me.

The guy in the center has sergeant stripes and white hair, just in case I need a sarge for future rulesets.

This one's for the ladies?

The figures tower over human sized figures, and wouldn't look at all out of place on a table as a force of 15mm cowmen.