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This blog started out as a source of inspiration for miniature wargamers with more kids than free time, money, or space. The original name is meant to serve as a constant reminder of the goal of small wargames that fit into a single box.  Historical, sci-fi, and fantasy all get a turn at the wheel.

I've also got a penchant for the smaller name games and quirky side-quests.  Plenty of guys cove the 400-pound gorillas.  This blog is for those of us that prefer the more personalized and personalizable side of the hobby.

Of late, I've been hosting a regular wargame channel over on YouTube called The Joy of Wargaming.  There is a lot of overlap between what gets written up here and what gets shown in live action detail over there.  If you're looking for something wargame related to keep you company during those marathon painting sessions, or you want to sractch the wargaming itch on your daily commute, give it a look-see.  It's a bit eclectic, but you're probably a bit eclectic yourself.  It's in the wargaming DNA.

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