Saturday, February 10, 2018

Wrap It, Stack It...

Smack it on the bing-bong!  The four fantasy boxes are done.
Four mounted troops, three big bossmen, thirty-five infantry, and a cute little doggo.  If you can't field a good four skirmish forces out of that mix, you're in the wrong hobby, buddy.

This aerial shot shows how well the different basing colors work to help distinguish one troop type from another.  From left to right we're looking at humanoids (brown/yellow), undeadish (black), elves (dark green), and heroes (white).

Boxed up in tubs two-inches by three-inches, lined with a bit of scrap foam, they are ready for transport.  Being a cheap friend, they'll go by slow boat, and two of them are headed half-way across one pond, across a continent, and then across another pond.

It might be a while before they see the table in a competitive way.

On to the next project!

Wonder what it will be...

Monday, February 5, 2018

Unleash the Hordes!

Been playing some Orcs Must Die! lately, so the painting slowed a bit.  My four year old loves watching those green waves get sliced and diced and hacked and whacked.  Big fan of floor spikes that one.  She better not expect these little guys to get chewed up, though.  Irregular Miniatures' goblins make a fine full force for skirmish wargaming.  This faction will include four hand melee goblins, two archers, and a pair of boar riders to round things out.

Those are hand weapons on the left, boars in the back right and archers in the front right.

Here's a clean shot of the boar riders.

And the hand weapon guys.

 And and the bowmen.  The eight I got feature a great selection with a wide variety of shields and cloaks, which would be great for a normal 10mm fighting force.  It makes the four boxes I'm building a little eclectic, but they'll do.

Eight goblins is actually a little light for a fighting force in most games, even if they include a couple of mounted outriders, but I don't expect them to fight alone.  They'll usually be paired up with an ogre or two, slaves to a wizard, or teamed up with some orcs.  Above, you can see how well the darker skinned and smaller goblins stack up against their larger orc brethren.  The orcs are from Copplestone, and have a little more detail, but these are two great foes that work great together.