Monday, May 23, 2011

Car of the Day: Lo-Beam

I was tempted to use this car for the Killer Kart, what with the low slung body option and all.  But really, if you're going to drive with the most expensive weapon around, you've got to put it in a classy chassis like this one.  The basic inaccuracy of the laser is partially offset by the presence of a gunner.  Car like this, I figure the gunner's got to be a smoking hot babe, right?

Speaking of which, many thanks to the wife for letting me use one of her Swarovski crystals.  In an odd bit of synchronicity, today happens to be her *mumble*th birthday.

Next Up:  Shopping for the wife's birthday present.  I hope she'll be happy if I get her pedestrian figures for the game.


  1. Aren't lasers more accurate than average? I know they changed how the to hit numbers work in 5th ed.

    And nice use of the crystal :)

  2. In 5th edition, the laser has a 10 to hit. Given that this car is competing exclusively against other subcompacts, that's an effective 11 to hit in my games. Without that gunner, you'd be better off keeping the laser set to automatic and just hoping that you hit something.

  3. Aye, but I thought 5th edition also changed so you have to roll _under_ the to hit number, inverting the old rules where a lower number was better. Wish I could check this, but I'm at work.

  4. I'll be darned. You're right. This car is the most accurate in the game (so far). With the virtually unlimited ammo, you should be able to stand off and plink away for sheer minutes at a time.

  5. Sorry for the the gap - I've been on vacation :)

    It certainly makes the Lo-Beam a lot more useful, if not very exciting.

    Now I'm looking forward to catching up with your posts :D


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