Monday, November 21, 2016

Miniature Monday: Barbaric!

Shorty on the right is probably just a vanilla fighter, but next week you'll see why I put him in this photo with the big hairies.  The middle guy just screams Fafhrd, and the guy on the left in full breastplate and fur loincloth amuses me - he straddles the line between civilization and the frontier.  Business up top, party in the basement.


  1. Intresting so what scale is the guy in the middle and on the right, they don't seem to be 15mm.

  2. These all came from's line of adventurers. Now that you mention it the guy on the left does look a lot shorter. The barbarian in the middle is just supposed to be a towering giant of a man, and the guy on the right slightly less so.

    It's not clear from the photo, but the guy on the left is in a crouching pose. He's actually leaning pretty far forward. If he stood up, he'd still be shorter than the barbarians, but not noticeably so.


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