Friday, August 25, 2017

City of the Dead

Graveyards can be tricky terrain pieces to build.  They have a lot of fiddly bits that become very delicate and damage prone.  For my fantasy terrain box, that's one hassle I'd like to avoid, so I just bought a resin graveyard from Monday Knight Productions.  This piece measures four inches on each side, and with all those lines of tombstones, you need to be careful how it affects play.  Depending on the ruleset each lone of stones could act like a linear obstacle, or you could treat the whole piece as rough ground.

The piece is scaled for 15mm, but look how low that outer wall stands.  You could easily use this piece as a 10mm terrain piece, too.

As I was entering the tags for this post, it occurred to me that this piece is fairly setting and era independent.  People always have and always will die, and stone walls around the city of the dead crop up all over the place.  There is no reason that this piece couldn't be used on my sci-fi table with no changes, except that it will live in my fantasy box and I'm likely to forget about it when pulling out the sci-fi box.

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