Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tavern on the Green

Alternative Armies has a great line of single piece resin buildings, but they seem more geared for town life than the bucolic village that I've been assembling.  Of course, any village worth its salt will have a decent tavern for the local yokels and the passing murder-hobos looking for a map to buy.

These pieces are even more undersized that the church.  Again, we're looking for representative terrain pieces here, not perfectly scaled.  This particular piece should match my houses very well - they all have that Germanic timber frame and plastered walls look.

I have one more building to finish and then I'll break everything out and see how it all looks when put together.  Maybe I'll even get a game out of the set-up!


  1. Okay between you and the guys at work with a new forming DnD club going, the crew at work are going in 28mm, I may have to step off into 15mm fantasy myself, only because they live thirty minutes north of work and I live thirty minutes south of work.

  2. It's amazing just how much faster 15mm really is. I spend over an hour on a single 28mm figure, regardless of how many I paint. Twelve 40K Guardsmen takes me 12 hours to paint. I can bang out a squad of 15mm figures in a quarter the time and at a quarter the cost.

    One thing I would caution - crank the brightness up on 15mm figures. When you paint them up close it looks really clownish, but once you throw them on the table for gaming the brighter colors make a huge difference in distinguishing them during play. The few times I've used mine for D&D, I really regretted not making them brighter and more colorful for that reason.

    1. Noted! Make them brighter! Okay thanks for the tip Sir.


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