Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My New Box Set

With apologies to the Barenaked Ladies, here's a shot of my full Car Wars Box Set, all packed up and ready for the Friday Night Fights.

So that's ten cars in a compact foam protector, all of their drop weapons, the drop cloth, five terrain items, every rule book you need, and the 3x scale turn guage.  All packed into a nice, neat package.

So why Division 5?

That's a bit of a non-sequitor, but I'm glad you asked.  I'm looking for games that are light, fast, and portable.  By sticking with Division 5 fights, I know that I can get in a few games, and that no one will take things too seriously.

Also, to make the cars work, I had to fudge things a bit.  The compact cars should fit on 2" by 1" counters, but to make it work with the 1:64 vehicles, I had to use the standard 3" by 1" template.  In a game pitting cars of different divisions, that might make a difference.  By sticking with only the Division 5 cars, I can hand wave away the whole issue.

Also also, Division 5 has the most vehicle designs available for use.  I know some folks have backed out the equations and crafted well thought out vehicle design rules, but frankly, vehicle design holds no interest for me.  I've got enough on my hands with the painting and building and blogging.  Who needs the hassle of endlessly min-maxing each vehicle before use.  Just give me the dice, already!

Next up:  Debris Ain't Just a Kind of Cheese


  1. Very nifty!

    I think Div5 is probably a good choice for pickup games, particularly if you're likely to get people wandering past and wanting to try something...

  2. Thanks for the comment. Not sure if I'll actually get to play convention games. There aren't a whole lot of those in these parts. The open gaming on Monday nights at the game shop seems to serve the islands needs in that regard.