Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Lead Pile Groweth

Just when you think you've got it all under of your dealers stops by to, you know, just to say, "Hey man, got some good stuff here.  Whattaya into man?"

In this case my dealer would be old Gavin Syme over at, which is fast becoming by go-to supplier for 15mm sci-fi goodness.  A full squad of totally-not-Ood, and enough to round out an even ten man unit of the Prang.  As if that ain't enough, the in-box has a few cars and jetbikes, too.

Oh,  I wish I could quit you!
All I have to do before I start these is paint the other 10 primed figures, and detail and paint up the rest of the rooftop terrain, and maybe make that magic stone circle for the 6mm fantasy that doesn't really do anything, but looks great and adds flavor to the battlefield.

Meanwhile, my copy of Black Ops finally arrived, so that adds learning a new ruleset to the pile, and as if that isn't enough, my name has been added to the stable of bloggers for another wargaming blog.  If the devil needs a playground he'll have to use some other guy's hands.

No way, man, I don't have a problem, I can quit any time (that I run out of money).


  1. I remember some of those figures from WAY way way back in time. I did not know they were still available.


    Lovely. Thanks.


  3. I've only dipped my toe into 15mm but I realise that it's only the metal dam of 28mm backlog that's holding back the 15mm flood!
    Every time a post like yours comes up the hobby hamster in my head starts getting excited and spins that mental project wheel all the faster! More time, need more time....

    Looking forward to more :)

  4. Good selection there. I hope you enjoy the Prang, they were great fun to sculpt.

  5. Good selection there. I hope you enjoy the Prang, they were great fun to sculpt.

  6. Woah, thanks, Eli! I've long been a fan of I See Lead People, and these Prang look great. I told myself I only need three of them for personalities, then bought another 7 to round out a small gang, and now that I see what you have in the pipeline...well, guess I'm not done buying them quite yet. Good luck with the move over to Ion Age.