Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lady's First, First Lady

Finally added a female to the collection.  This is Pendraken's hero, Kiera.  My daughter has been ready to jump into the game, but wanted to wait until she had a female figure to call her own.  This is it - Annie, the elven friend to the wolves and slayer of spiderscleric of Saint Orandis, Patron Saint of Animals (after a last minute substitution).

The two sewer entrances from Pendraken's dungeon pack had been languishing in my bits box.  I don't do the third dimension so much, but wanted to use them.  Instead of putting them upright, I glued them to a washer and voila!  Instant mysterious pool of glowing green goo.

1 comment:

  1. You located a decent looking 10mm female adventurer model!! I'm ordering a couple of these - my daughter is going to be thrilled to have something besides top heavy under dressed amazons to use for her character's mini!