Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Second Knights - Things Get Heavy

This second unit of knights for the Army of the Necromancer King is actually his elite mounted shock troops.  The heaviest horses, the best trained knights, and led by the fearsome Horned General, it will play a role in every battle fought by the evil forces of undeath.

This base was a pain in the neck.  First I forgot to add the general and had to scrape off some base sand to make him fit, and then the base warped so bad it broke (you can see the line just to the left of the general). Once it was done, inspiration struck, and I found myself going back to strip off and reapply the bushes to streamline the game a bit.

You see, tracking hits in One Hour Wargames is kind of a pain.  I've never been a fan of hit markers on the table.  It takes away some of the visual appeal.  For these rules that means using a separate card as shown in yesterday's post.  But tracking by unit means you've got to have a readily visible marker on each base.  Painting a marker directly on the base detracts from the visual appeal.  A big old flag on each stand can work, but makes storage harder.  The solution that hit me while shooting ten year old Aussie kids in the face (read: playing X-Box) was to use the bushes.

In the photo below you can clearly see two dark green bushes to the right of the lightly armored knights (on the left side of the photo).  Likewise, the heavy unit (on the right) has just one dark green  bush on their right.  So my roster will have Knight-1 and Knight-2 listed, with the number of bushes signifying which is which. Easy to see, easy to track, and no need for delicate flags or weird colored bases to separate them.
I like my numbering like I like my wargame rules like I like
my women - elegant, easy, and you only need a few d6's to play them.
As promised earlier in the week, here's a slightly better shot of the first set to be painted.  As you can see, they are not as heavily armored, and don't dress their lines and lances with the same rigor.  The two marker bushes to their left (on the right in the photo) are also more visible.

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