Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Linear Features, Step One

Before we kick off the second matched army for Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames, let's take a look at the roads and rivers.  Staples of wargame terrain, I've decided to give the old "acrylic caulk smeared flat and painted to suit" trick a shot.  After careful study of Neil Thomas' thirty scenarios, I figured that a total of 11 pieces of linear terrain should give me everything needed.  That's five straight roads, a crossroad, five straight river pieces, three with crossings.  To get the measurements right, I just divided my drop cloth length by three.  Then, to make sure that my roads and rivers were the right length, I drew out the pieces inside a flat packing box like so:

The drawn out pieces can even be seen through the was paper taped to the box for easy peeling of the dried caulk.  Smear the caulk, and let sit overnight.  This stage took all of twenty minutes including the hard planning.

Here's a closeup of the bridge river crossing and the two fords.  The bridge is a cast metal piece from Heroics and Ros.  It's scaled as 6mm, but in retrospect, I kind of wish I'd gone with the 15mm piece just to have something a little bigger and more visible.

Then work got crazy, and the box stayed on a shelf in the garage for several weeks...More later when I get a chance to peel the caulk up and find out if this is going to work.

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