Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Yan'qui Craftsman

The dungeon just got in a big shipment from Fantasy Ikea.  Frankly, I'm doing everything I can to avoid building doors.  Still haven't found a technique that I like yet.

Sci-fi figure for scale.
Everything you see here was made with popsicle sticks and hot glue.
Click to see better detail on that table.
Well, not quite everything.  The bottles are cut off bits from a bunch of G.I. Joe knockoff action figures that have been rattling around the bits box for years.  The scrolls are cut off bits from wooden dowels.  Other than that, it's all coffee stirrers and popsicle sticks.

Some of this stuff is a bit over-sized and clunky, but dungeons are strange places.  Things should look just a little off.
Two beds, still need mattresses and pillows.  Need those wandering
monsters well rested before their big entrance.


  1. I like it. Should look great after you get it all painted up.

  2. Looks great and terrain is to set the scene not be to scale :)

  3. That's exactly my thinking, Simon. Two beds mark that this room is a bedroom. They provide some obstacles for the figures, sure, but my view on D&D is changing to one that is almost pre-OSR. Old Cirsova recently had a post about using figures and scale that have me radically re-thinking how I approach it. With this set-up I may move even further towards D&D as a wargame with light RPG trappings as opposed to the D&D as RPG with light wargame trappings that it has become.

    Hrmm...I smell a blog post in here.