Monday, June 13, 2016

The Watcher In the Dungeon Lake

Two more simple Reaper Bones figures to add to Castle Meatgrinder.  These are called "Spell effect: Tentacles" (#77367), and are carved by one C. Staples.  While they might work well as spell effect markers, (I could see these painted in a black and neon green to add some magic to them,) they work just fine as straight up tentacles from the water:

The bases are carved to look like crumbled stone - presumably they are meant to show summoned tentacles bursting through the floor - but these are painted in a bright foamy blue to show that they churning the water of the water room. 

Again, 28mm figures make for great towering monsters in 15mm scale.
What are they attached to?  Who knows?  They fight as independent monsters, and once you've done damage enough they'll sink back under the water and you can pass the sunken room in safety.

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