Saturday, December 24, 2011

Four Square Feet of City

As a Christmas present to myself, I completed the holiday preparations early enough that I could devote a few hours to finish up the big cityscape.  So here they are, the last four blocks of the city-scape.

The round thing in  the back is some sort of modern concrete
sculpture/ nice place to snipe from.  There's a fountain  tucked away
behind the building right next to that concrete thingy.
Here's the detail of that fountain/sculpture.  You'll be able
to see how it fits  into the rest of the boards when I post
 a shot of the finished city.
Two of the biggest buildings in the city.  The one on the left
is the tallest, and the one on the right helps to break
up all the 90-degree angle sight-lines on the board.
Tune in tomorrow for shots of the whole nine-square-feet of city laid out in all its glory.  And Merry Christmas!


  1. What do you do about level changes in the multi-storey buildings? Assume staircases?

  2. That's a good question, and one worthy of a blog post. There are ladders built into many of the walls. There aren't really enough ladders, so we assume that there is also a ladder (not shown) leading up to the hatches in the corners of the buildings. You can see them in the big 4 story building above.


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