Saturday, April 27, 2013

Painted Devil Dog

Finally got a chance to sit down and get some paint on this card stock Warhammer 40k vehicle.  The Devil Dog is a modified Chimera that mounts a melta-cannon and big fuel tanks instead of 10 scared and about to die Guardsmen.  This one is table-quality - you can see its a bit skewed in the full-frontal picture - but it serves its purpose and keeps fifty bucks in my wallet at a time when fifty bucks is the difference between having food on the table the day before payday and not.

The boy's next request is for a Vendetta.  Before I can get to that I need to bang out some more jungle terrain for him.  We gave the old stuff away to a friend as a birthday present, so his terrain in looking a bit sparse these days.  That shouldn't take long, and it gives me a bit of time to look at the plans for the Vendetta and see what I need to make it work.

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