Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Other Shorties

If this corn-fed, midwestern wargamer knows his street vernacular, and unless Urban Dictionary has lied to me yet again, "shorty" is a slang term for a hot suburban woman.  That would mean that my daughter's Pocketmunda gang is the first set of shorties that I've painted up.  Which would make the subjects of today's post the other shorties, this time by way of stature rather than gender.

Shorties and gentlemen, behold!  Rebel Minis' Sons of Thunder:

Each pack comes with four squads of six Sons.  That's four leaders, four heavies, and four squaddies (in two different poses) per unit.  That should make the orders of battle easy to figure out.

Squad leaders
The Sons are my own son's battleforce, so he gets to pick the colors.  The base color combo of purple and gold/yellow is a solid choice suggesting a royal force of god miners.  At some point, I may have to build some industrial mining scenery for them to cal

Red Squad

Blue Squad
The limited number of poses precludes these guys from being used in skirmish games without a lot of work.  Since these guys are going to be used on my table as a platoon, I've forgone the numbers on the bases.  Instead, I used slashes of color to clearly delineate which guys are in which squad.  The base colors match small highlights on the figures, tying them all together in a way that should help players when looking down on the table from on high.

Future plans for these guys include the addition of some power-armor suits - at the suggesting of some smart folks over on, I'm looking into some of Hasslefree Miniatures' Grymn Power Armor figures.  These are designed as 28mm figures, which just means they'll make great mini-mechs at the 15mm scale.  Stay tuned...


  1. Nice job the Power armour figure would work great as mech's for these great idea!


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