Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting Social

Let's face it, wargaming is a fringe hobby, and my style of wargaming is on the fringes of that hobby.  I play games that are ten years out of print and in scales that are far from popular even in cities with thriving gaming cultures.  Honolulu ain't one of those cities, so it's pretty bleak.  That puts me on the fringe of the fringe, but there's this great technology called 'the internet' that lets me see what cool stuff other outsiders are up to.  It's high time I got a little more connected with those fringe types.  

To that end, I've finally updated by blogroll over there on the left.  If I missed your blog and you want a shout-out, let me know with an email or comment.  I'll also keep plugging in more blogs as they present themselves to my wandering eyes.

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