Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sci-Fi Skirmish: Shark Attack!

To say I haven't been painting much lately would be a lie - I've painted the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, etc.  Painting terrain at 1:1 scale isn't as much fun as the 1:100 scale, so no pictures for you on that front.  On the sci-fi front, here's the latest batch.

My Five Parsecs from Home campaign needed a recurring evil empire, and these Aquatic Alien Warriors from Khurasan fit the bill quite nicely.  Being a Yank, the obvious choice for an evil empire is redcoats with white flashing and khaki pants.

The two sharkfaces on the left were a combined heavy weapons team.  I cut the barrel of the long rifle down to size, so it looks more like a well aimed shotgun.  The holder - the shark in the middle - will have a nice bright and shiny lazer sword added at some point.  Right now he just looks like he's practicing his batting swing. The right hand man is the squad leader and likely to be the one character in a group full of mooks.

Two more random figures on order today.  On the right we have a Kurasan Garn Hegemon, and on the right a Ground Zero Games robot.  Full disclocure, I used a painting service for the robot.  It's a small start-up service that goes by the name "My Daughter".  She elected to go with the classic blue/white scheme, to great success.


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