Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tyranny of Dragons - The Boneyard

A running tally of those heroes fallen in their quest to prevent Faerun's Cult of the Dragon from ushering in a new dark age by summoning the dread god Tiamat.
  • Raane, half-elf illusionist - fell from the walls of Greenest Keep while attempting to sneak out to save The Mill from arson.
  • Henry St. John - dwarven warrior - eaten by a roper deep in the bowels of the Cult's lair near Greenest.
Note:  This post will be updated each time a character meets their maker.


  1. I have a Graveyard for my campaign - so I highly approve of this!

    1. Should tell you something that the two characters to die in the campaign to date have both been mine. Guess which players the oldest school player? Also, I checked out that video of the better pushups on your other blog...holy cow. Those things don't feel that bad at first but by number 10, yikes! I'm really feeling it today, too. Thanks for that.


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