Sunday, November 15, 2015

From the Archive - Lost in the Maze of Nostalgia

Pop quiz, hotshot.  From the Archive is an ongoing series:
    A. where I show off some of my oldest and most beloved figures.
    B. of filler posts.
    C. Both A and B.
    D. screw you. Warren, I didn't come here for finals week, make with the goods already.

For those of you that answered D, fine.  Here.  Sheesh.

This was one of three minotaurs that came with the Warhammer Quest box set.  The rest of the box set got split out and combined with figures from HeroQuest and BattleMasters to make up a half dozen Hordes of the Things armies.  Those armies got sold off at Historicon to raise money for boring family drama stuff.

1 comment:

  1. That looks waaaaay better than the one I did of the same mini. Mine came in a box set with something like 4 bats, 4 rats, and 4 goblins.

    No matter what I did to that mino, he just got worse and worse.


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