Monday, March 14, 2016

Wargaming Field Report

On the road this week means there's no chance to work on my little projects, but there is a chance to get out and see a bit of the wargaming wilderness in other parts of the country - the greater San Francisco metroplex, to be precise.  Up in Concord, CA, there's a lovely little shop called Black Diamond Games.

Clean, crowded with all sorts of gaming product, and with a staff that puts the F back in FLGS.  They also have a smallish, but oh-so-important to a cheap bastard like me, collection of discount and used stuff.

They even have a store van painted up like a boss.  Is this a regular mainland thing now?  Hope so, because it's pretty dang cool.

Much as I would have loved to pick up shrinkwrapped copies of the old Star Frontiers Volturnus titles...there were other things that called out to me more.  Like these Reaper Bones figures that should work great in 15mm.

If you are ever in the area, Black Diamond Games are well worth a side trek for a little exploration of your own.


  1. Excellent its nice when travelling to find stores like these. Often you find hidden gems lurking on the shelves as well.

  2. Indeed. Lord knows I've combed through the shelves at the locals enough times to practically have them memorized. These other stores, though, they still have plenty of surprises.

    1. When I lived In the Bay area, I used to be there about 3-4 nights a week.
      Now that I am in back in Vegas, I am spoiled for hobby stores.
      Even work at one at the moment.


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