Sunday, April 3, 2016

Puzzle Room

Imagine your characters walking into a large chamber dominated by this thing.

The top is simply a 10mm wizard courtesy the fine folks over at Irregular Miniatures.  The base is part of a Kid's Meal toy that's been bopping around the bits box for years.  I always knew it would come in handy for something.

This is another one of those fun little items that offers a lot of potential.  There is a reason for the massive size of the base of this statue, and a reason for all those purple glyphs etched around the base.  Hitting the right glyphs will open up a door to treasure.  Hitting the wrong glyphs will open up the door to a dormant undead monstrosity.  Anything else triggers green bolts of energy from the staff of that robed figure.

What I love about features like this is that you can stash the code to unlock the door somewhere else in the dungeon, and that treasure map unlocks the secret to this tomb.

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  1. Very nice center piece! That will keep people thinking.


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