Monday, October 17, 2016

Dicks Out

As a certifiable L-7 square, I don't typically work blue, but the title to this post is the traditional cry of those who seek to remember a gentle inspirational giant taken from us too soon.

Yeah, this is still the internet. 

These cave apes are a special figure that comes in six identical poses.  I bent a couple arms, and used different paint schemes to add a bit of variety.  The sharp eyed among you will note the traditional Barsoomian white ape, as well as your standard cave apes, and one bright orange fellow who might be half-orangutan and might have a different trick up his massive, hairy old sleeve for the next crew to delve the depths of Castle Meatgrinder.

Oh yeah, we're back.  I've got a slew of hero figures loaded in the queue, and have a stack of Pepe figures on the painting table right now.  The rest of the year will see a little more action around here, and why not?  The holidays are always such a slow, restful time.  *tugs collar*

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