Saturday, February 10, 2018

Wrap It, Stack It...

Smack it on the bing-bong!  The four fantasy boxes are done.
Four mounted troops, three big bossmen, thirty-five infantry, and a cute little doggo.  If you can't field a good four skirmish forces out of that mix, you're in the wrong hobby, buddy.

This aerial shot shows how well the different basing colors work to help distinguish one troop type from another.  From left to right we're looking at humanoids (brown/yellow), undeadish (black), elves (dark green), and heroes (white).

Boxed up in tubs two-inches by three-inches, lined with a bit of scrap foam, they are ready for transport.  Being a cheap friend, they'll go by slow boat, and two of them are headed half-way across one pond, across a continent, and then across another pond.

It might be a while before they see the table in a competitive way.

On to the next project!

Wonder what it will be...

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  1. Okay so you know I have been following all your post, and finally decided to pull the trigger, for 15mm fantasy, it just I'm going to do it with a twist, I'm going to do it with Pirates, I figure I can do it all just adding muskets and cannons, oh and ships too!


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