Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Necromancer King Returns

Long time fans of the blog will recall a three-part fantasy campaign played years ago.  That campaign died when my primary opponent graduated and flew off to college and other adventures.  Well the Necromancer King has finally returned from the Land of the Dead, and you can follow along as he launches a Death Crusade against the land of the living.  Yeah, the Joy of Wargaming isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Just between you and me and the YouTube censors make three, I'm recording all these videos a week or so in advance.  That way I can skip a few days and not miss a beat.  You'll get new vids every other day for as long as my stamina holds out.  That also means that I won't be responding in real-time to any real-world goofiness.  You can expect a relatively drama free channel where we leave the fighting where it belongs - on the tabletop.

Say...that reminds me, maybe now is a good time to give Irregular Miniatures game Riot  a second look.  Been meaning to at least read through the rules of that one.

Too soon?

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