Thursday, July 9, 2020

Wargaming Goulash

Going to start up a new mini-campaign using the excellent "Void Pirates" as the framework, then flesh things out with the "Five Parsecs From Home" flavor-book.

My first stab at GoalSystem might be a little rough, so I've decided to run a four man scoundrel crew against a look mob with a couple regular Joe bosses.  From reading VP and watching a few vids by the authors, it looks like a smooth system where everything fits neatly into place without a host of edge case rules to trip a guy up.  But with so many different options, the prospect of tracking eight different characters and a look swarm has me eagerly anticipating the challenge.

If any of you have any GoalSystem advice...I'm all ears!

Too late for this little guy - his sword swap won't be ready in time for the fray - but his Khurasan shark-bros have the shindig on their dance card.  I clipped the sword off a donor Akarr melee specialist to give this sniper's second something more proactive to do in my games.

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