Monday, March 8, 2021

In The Shadow of Giants

Banged out a quick weekend project recently, with mixed results.  These towering trees look okay, but the roots are nil, and they are way too fragile for regular use.
Classic construction method consisting of paper towel cardboard tubes covered with tissue, and the tissue is held in place with watered down craft glue. The problem is that even with the glue dried they're very lightweight they need a much heavier base probably a cap of something harder than just tissue paper over the top.

 I'll get some use out of them but it's hard to see how many games. Which is fine I don't have enough storage for these things anyway.


  1. Dartmart here. Would an layer of crepé paper work (with the striations running vertical this time), to add strength to the “bark”?

  2. Is that the problem I had? The normal face tissue refused to align up and down - it wanted to settle horizontally. Would a second layer or using crepe paper give me a better "bark" texture?


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