Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Big One

That building is crazy big...

 But it has to be in order to hold the bridges safe and sound...

Both of them, for now...


  1. A very sculptural looking bridge. And I follow your reasoning for the big building.

  2. Great idea and those bridges look superb.

  3. See, I don't think the building is all that large in comparison to the miniature. I know that in my case, years of gaming with terrain like the GW battle bunker (from White Dwarf) led me to feel that was the "right" size for a model building, when in real life terms it would be about the size of a tool shed.

    Also, the second bridge looks great too!

  4. It's a fair point - that building is really only as big as a typical convenience store. I think the smaller than scale buildings is one of the conventions that works for some wargames, though. Like rivers with parallel banks and such. It's not realistic, but it 'feels right'.