Monday, August 8, 2016

Dem Bones

These three chubby and whimsical demons are from Bones' Hordeling Spure (#77335), thank you for the sculpts, B. Ridolfi.  The shading on these guys really came out great; I think I'm getting the hang of washes at this scale.

As you can see, these three brothers are actually taller than most men, or would be if they'd stop that slouching.  You can tell they didn't go to Catholic School or Sister Maureen would have knocked that out of them early. The guy on the left in particular wants to stare at the ground thanks to the soft plastic sculpt, but that's okay.  It adds to the creep factor.

At this point there are no real plans for these guys, they may be summoned by a wandering wizard or guarding something the Mad Wizard doesn't want PCs putting their grubby little fingers all over.  We'll figure something out.

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