Monday, August 1, 2016

Familiar Figures

As promised Saturday, we're back to dem Bones, this time with a pack called Familiars 2 (#77196), or part of it.  This pack includes six small figures suitable for use as familiars for you over-sized miniatures, but that make for a wonderfully odd little collection of characters in 15mm.  First up is one hot babe (I keel me!) that towers over a man-sized figure and looks like an impish little fire demon or even characterful fire elemental.

These three little guys will make for excellent wandering monsters in the dungeons below Castle Meatgrinder.  The hooded man is some sort of degenerate dark wanderer, the blue fairy would tower over normal men, making her a fearsome, if fickle, encounter, and the small tree-stump-ent will be pressed into service as a caretaker for the Mad Wizard's Garden.

One of the things that I've always struggled with is putting decent role-play encounters into dungeoncrawls.  My interpretation of the mythic underworld is that it is a physical manifestation of an elder god slowing oozing its way into the universe, so why wouldn't everything down there be trying to kill you?
Because Chaos, that's why.
If everything is trying to kill you then it is predictable and orderly, but if a few denizens are there to help you, or be helped by you, then it adds another variable into the mix.  It also prevents the entire game from bogging down into a repeated stab-fest.

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  1. These are cool looking minis and loving the paintjob you've done :)