Monday, August 22, 2016

Hero Time!

In addition to the previously shown mercenaries, players wanting a run through Castle Meatgrinder will have plenty of elves, dwarves, and human heroes of both sexes to choose from.  The painting of these will take a little longer, as I've been painting in groups of two to four at a time, and so we'll take a look at each set as they are completed.
All of these heroes are from's adventurers pack.  You get a dozen figures, plus a pack horse, which you'll see on Wednesday.  The first batch includes four thieves.  From right to left we see a female ranger style scout, a black cloaked bog standard thief, a video-game themed assassin, and a Conan pastiche.  Hey - Conan was the King of Thieves, he counts as one today!

And the back shot, just for completion.

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