Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

More dropped weapons today.  This time it's the smokescreens first previewed here.  First up, a distant shot to show what they look like from a distance, and then a close up view of the texture.

As always, click images for more details.

These are scraps of soft, but stiff, packing foam used to cushion computer accessories.  I simply shaved them into the desired shape, hot glued them onto the appropriately sized counters, and then drybrushed the tops with  black paint.  My little cotton ball experiment failed in that cotton balls are too soft and fibrous - they start to peel away from the base before you even get them on the table.  These puffy nuisances hold their shape much better than cotton, and they don't blow around in gentle breezes.  

On the down side, they take up the most space of all the accessories in the One Box To Rule Them All.  So that means any additional cars I squeeze into the box won't have smokescreens or discharges.

Next Up:  Game On!


  1. I like the black paint effect - "hard" smoke is very prone to look like a generic boulder. Pity about the shine.

    I wonder whether the sticky-backed fuzzballs that one used to be able to get (usually with a pair of eyes, and a label saying "I visited [tourist attraction]") might work as an alternative approach?

  2. Ok, when do we get the next blog?


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