Thursday, May 26, 2011

Revenue Streams

You're probably going to have to click on those pictures to get a better look at the billboards.  I realized this past week that something was missing from my arena - something to give it the look of a true sports facility and not just a random parking lot.  Advertisements.  Lots and lots of advertisements.

Following in the grand Steve Jackson games tradition, I've decided to keep things local.  The Hawaii Autoduel Arena (Drive with Aloha - Drive Well Armed) is the largest AADA sanctioned facility in the state.  With only four portable jersey barriers, it's not the most technically sophisticated arena around, but it is flexible.  And let's face it - autoduel fans aren't known for their high level of sophistication anyway.

Next Up:  My Fave


  1. Sure, there are some duel fans who load up the pickup with half beer and half ammo and don't plan to bring any of it home. But you've also got the manic stats collectors, the simulationists, the team followers... :-)

  2. Very true. Guess I should build some luxury suites complete with waiters, sushi platters, and a fine selection of synthwines. You know, for the mega-corp executives and politicos (if there's any real difference between the two in 2038).

  3. What are the dimension of the bunkers?

  4. The bunker is 9" by 5" by about 3" tall. The jersey barriers come in two sizes, 2" by 9" and 2" by 5".


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