Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Heroes

From the excellent Copplestone Castings line, this is TM10, Heroes and Halflings.

The flame wizard on the right is a bit of a conversion on my part.  He looks to be Copplestone's not-Faramir, or at least a bow wielding assassin.  Thing is, wizards are in short supply in this scale, and younger non-beardy wizards even more so.  To rememdy this, I straightened out this figure's bow and glued a small bead-slash-crystal onto the end of it.  Then I hacked his sword down into a small torch.  Red cloak with yellow trim, and you've got a fire themed boom-boom mage.

The others are straight paint jobs.


  1. For wizards in 10 mm the best source in quality and variety is GW's Warmaster range, the HQ blisters. Minis come single based and all the races have a wizard or two.
    I specially like the ones from the Imperium:

  2. Along with the fact that I love the paint job on these guys, I'd like to add that I appreciate the nice clear large photos. So many of the 10mm miniature pictures out there aren't much help when you're trying to examine a possible new purchase.


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