Monday, March 19, 2012

First Figures!

Copplestone Castings wins the big race.  I ordered figures from them, Irregular, and Pendraken all on the same day, and Copplestone got them to me first.  Being so remote, that's probably more a function of the post than the manufacturers, though.

I'm a pretty manly macho man, so I'm hardly the sort to squeal in excitement, but if I was, I totally would. Just look at these adorable little orcs.  
Don't you just want to squeeze their teeny tiny little cheeks?
These bad boys are cast in strips, but separating them is trivial if you have a sharp blade and steady hand.  This first batch of five based and primed orcs is an experiment.  I've got a bottle of liquid talent in the form of GW's Devlan Mud ink wash, but don't know how well it will treat these little guys.  I'm going to paint five with the wash and five with the standard three progressively lighter shades of drybrushing and see which looks best before diving head first into the bulk of the lot.  That way if one doesn't work well, I still have 25 orcs left over to get it right.

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  1. Just a note that not all 10mm figs cast in strips are so easy to separate. I picked up some Warmaster figs on sale, and despite my best effort, I couldn't salvage all of them when chopping them up to mount them individually.

    Oh, and the Warmaster minis are true 10mm scale, so they don't scale perfectly with the 12mm Pendraken/Kallistra models. (Though frankly they're close enough for me.)


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