Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Pendraken Metals

The first batch of Pendraken figures showed up in the mail this week.  This post is a reference post for those who want to see what the Pendraken figures look like sans paint...sort of.  Shiny metal doesn't photograph well, so these have all been photographed after basing and base coating.  Here's why:

 That's the booster pack of adventurers.  It comes with two pack mules and a fire pit.  See how the bottom one is missing the gnome figure?  Not a fan.  I also had to trim down the beardy one's helmet wings.  They didn't mold right, so I had to trim the right one to get a better match.
FR3 (?)
Can't speak for everyone, but the bottom ones show off a lot more detail.  Even in person, you pick up on things in the primed minis that you don't notice in the naked metal.


DN45 (Sewer Beast) and FR10 (Lurker Rats)
The tables, the sewer beast, and all the rats you see here came in one big dungeon pack - The Rat King's Lair.  Including the two sewer grates (not shown here), that's a total of 26 figures for around twelve bucks.  Less money spent on miniatures means that I have more money to spend on buying more miniatures.  I like the sound of that.

Those product ID numbers are pretty speculative.  Pendraken has two different "rats with sword and shield" on offer - I might have given the wrong code here.  If so, let me know, and I'll fix this post in post.  Otherwise, these still do a pretty good job showing what the Pendraken rat figure line looks like.

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  1. This post really hit the nail on the head. There aren't nearly enough photos of 10mm minis out there, and the ones that are available are mostly of the bare metal variety. And frankly, it's hard to see just what those lovely little models really look like when you're looking at shiny metal.

    Of course the detail on fully painted minis shows up better, but I really hadn't understood until now how much difference merely priming the minis makes.

    I prefer to paint my models before taking shots of them, but when that isn't practical, I'm certainly going to be priming them first at the very least from now on!


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