Monday, April 23, 2012

Swordsrats and Bill and Another Bill

Pendraken DNP7, the dungeon booster pack includes 2 supplies horses.

Pendraken ratmen.
Not sure what we're looking at in that last photo. I bought the Pendraken dungeon pack and it came with a nice assortment of ratmen, but it didn't identify the product number - just a big bag of little mans.  These could be little rats or big rats, and the could have swords or polearms or spears.  My bet is FR13, Large Rates With Scythe Like Spears.  (Ed Note:  Nope - it's FR1, Rates with Large Swords.] Since they will be stand ins for goblins (who need that second rank of fighters), they're gonna be sword-rats in my dungeons.

The white powder that makes it look like they've just come in from the cold is a big goof up on my part.  Didn't shake the can of varnish well enough before spraying and wound up giving them a light dusting of white.  A toothbrush took most of it off, but there's a bit left.  Not gonna worry about it - just adds more texture to the figures.  But learn from my mistakes, kids; for best results, you should always shake your cans.

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