Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kids Stuff Fourdux Redux

A couple of days ago you saw some junk being spun into Tau terrain in the hopes that the Tau terrain could be spun into gold - or at least some Imperial Guardsmen.  Here are the buildings with paint.

The Tau stuff is really easy to design and paint.  It's so alien, and so clean looking, that you can't go wrong just slapping random stuff together and giving it a hefty white base coat.  Boom!  Nearly instant terrain.  Now to see if the boy can deliver on the trading end of things.

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  1. Now to me this is what the hobby is all about. Building terrain (and vehicles - I've cranked out several Warhammer 40,000 Grav-Attack Vehicles out of deodorant bottles over the years) is great fun and as these photos show, they can look really good on the tabletop too.


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