Monday, March 11, 2013

Bio Ships with Paint

Continuing on with the bio-ship construction, we've got paint on the field - paint which illustrates why you have to let these ships dry before you paint them - especially if you stick extra doo-dads into the foam.

Painted too soon.  Didn't put foam on top of the cupolas to hold them down.  Shame on me.  We can fix this - we have the technology, but man, what a hassle.

Snot fighters!
Yeah, so the paint job here is meant to evoke plants, right?  So, I painted these brown first, and then held the can over the top and applied a layer of green.  You know, like trees?

Halfway through the process (as in, these only had the brown paint on them) my son came out to the yard and asked me why I was making a whole bunch of really giant turds.  Danged if he wasn't right about what they looked like.
I may have hurried to apply the green paint, just to keep the neighbors from wondering what the heck that crazy Warren was doing this time.


  1. I like the two tone color scheme. And I know what you mean about the neighbors - I tend to paint my stuff on boards which I then pick up and hide away in my shed to finish drying.

  2. LOL @ turds part. That was what made me commenting.

    Looking at the entire process I'd have painted those fleshtone, dippedd into a light chestnut ink or wash and then very thinned red in random places along with purple here and there.

    Giant space ships made of meat, disgusting !

    BTW looking at your approach, I'g go with a bit of texture (white glue and sand at some places focusing on the brown part) and splattering paint into the green one.

    You know; take an ols toothbrush, dip it into yellowish (bright) green paint, then face it to your ship, scratch the toothbrush and you'll get you green splattered with a second shade of green (evoking fungus).


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