Sunday, March 3, 2013

Human Flag Ship - The Fleet Carrier

Can't remember if the unpainted version of this ship was ever posted or not.  Either way, here is the last and the biggest of the human ships for Big Thrust - the mighty fleet carrier.  Down the road we'll assemble some fighter groups for it, but that won't take long.  Again, this is mainly foam core and cereal box cardboard.

The funny thing about these ships is that they are harder to paint to a high standard, but the sheer size of this behemoth means that you can get away with it.  These ships are painted using the same techniques used for table top ships, and it shows - no one will mistake these ships for a store bought model.  But i think it still works, be ause it's obvious that they are game pieces, and what they represent.


  1. I really like the paint scheme you've chosen for the human ships - I think they'll look especially good once assembled together as a fleet on the tabletop.

    What are you doing for terrain? Back when I played Battlefleet Gothic, I bought a black sheet and spattered white spots on it by flicking paint onto it from a toothbrush.

    For asteroids, I just grabbed some fairly large rough edged gardening rocks, spray painted them black, and drybrushed. I've seen people make foam astroids and mount them on stands, but that seemed like more work.

    Anyway, it's great to see how your latest project is progressing!

  2. This is an outdoor game, so there isn't a black drop cloth big enough. I'm going to mount the whole lot on bamboo bean poles, and we're going to play down at the local beach park. We can just drive the poles into the sand, so it should work okay. My only concern is balance. I need to find a way to keep these gangly things from spinning around on their base - maybe sip tie a fork to the base or something? I don't know - we'll figure that part out after the ships are all built and painted.


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