Friday, December 4, 2015

Tiny Little Ruins

The Fantasy Big Box for One Hour Wargames needed a little something extra, and with the long Thanksgiving weekend, there was plenty of time to goof off at the hobby bench.  (It's really more of a counter.)  So I slapped together a quick terrain piece to spruce up the battlefield.  The plan was for a circle of magic standing stones, but the junk box held enough bric-a-brac to bash together a small ruin on a low hill.

Rules-wise this will either be filler for empty space on the field, or it will be impassable to all troops types.  The rules we use don't actually allow for "impassable to all" other than ponds, but given the straight line movement and sweeping speed of mounted knights, having one or two no-go zones will require a little extra planning and thought.

Here is a shot of the unpainted piece.  The base consists of a small oblong piece of wood picked up at the local craft shop for half a buck.  The ground surface is spackle built up to suit with a couple pebbles, and a divot for an abandoned well.  Watch your step!  The square building is the bottom to a plastic fortification piece from the boardgame Shogun/Samurai Swords, and the rest is just thin balsa cut into bricks or very narrow gauge wooden dowels broken and glued into place.


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