Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Sci-Fi Table: Before

As we leave 2015 behind, let's look ahead to the coming year.  The blog's focus heading into the New Year is going to be stuffing as much scatter terrain into the sci-fi box as possible.  Right now the sci-fi table has the necessary big structure to it, but is woefully lacking in the minor bits and bobs to provide that all important cover in modern+ games. See for yourself.  This is the table set-up as it currently stands.

Not bad, a bit pulpy, and not the sort of thing to complain about, but here at the Abox household we've never been ones to rest on our to-scale laurels.  This year we're going to fill in a lot of gaps with benches, planters, sculptures, more vehicles, and whatever else will fit in the box.  Once we do, we can move those farm fields off the table and into the fantasy genre where they fit so much better.

Did I mention we'll be starting a fantasy table, too?  Unlike last year's total focus on a Big Box of fantasy mass battles, this year we are diversifying to start up a fantasy collection.  This will be a total package Big Box, with all the fittings.

Oh, and more playing of the games.  We'll squeeze that in, too.  At some point we'll take a shot of the updated sci-fi table so you can see the difference in aesthetics and playability that a lot of little touches can make.

It's going to be a busy year, so update your blog-rolls and RSS's and bookmarks.  Should be a lot of fun, too.

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  1. Nice looking table I can see hours of fun will be had by all.


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