Monday, June 20, 2016

A Bit of Sci-Fi

Chalk these two little guys up to the lead mountain.  They've been based and primed for a long time, just kind of hanging out in the queue waiting for inspiration to strike.  It never did, so I finally just knocked out a quick bronze and silver pattern respectively.


  1. Thirty years age difference but they go together really well! Nice work. Laserburn GA10 Shantek Cyborg and HOF19 Post Apoc Support cyborg. Good work!


  2. I'm sorry inspiration never struck... or did it?! A quirky pair, useful for pretty much wherever you need a few robots. And I like that you weren't afraid to put a bunch of colour accents on the gold one.

  3. It's always tough when that inspiration never strikes for some minis. I've had some primed and waiting for some time now. They came out looking good though.


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