Monday, June 13, 2016

Jumping in the Social Media Pool - League For Gamers

I'm not a huge fan of social media.  That toxic purple sewer burned me out on third party sites where the powers that be tow the Party line.  I deleted my Facebook account when it's spergy CEO abandoned it's neutrality in favor of under-the-table activism.  Twitter?  Warren Abox ain't jumping on that ship - not while Captain Jack Dorsey is steaming full steam ahead for the iceberg of Full Convergence. The latest sign of Twitter's impending implosion is the banning of Mark Kern - one of the chief brains behind a little thing called World of Warcraft - for engaging in crimethink.

Clearly, they want to send a message - if you don't submit to the Narrative you will be outcast - and this wargamer reads them loud and clear.  They won't have to worry about old Warren Abox spreading hatefacts around, or potential ad dollars they could earn from his eyeballs, because he found a better social media site.

Logo 7abaada69261148b03f1eb67c98b92d07a5efed8ad073d1a96741f472f111989Mark Kern's own, League for Gamers, "a consumer focused gaming league encompassing video games, and also board games, and pen and paper gaming. We come together to promote positive gaming, good sportsmanship, research, learning and advocacy for our hobby."

That's all I needed to hear.  To add a little sugar on top, it even has a group dedicated to Tabletop Wargaming.  Join in the fun, or there won't be any.

[Edit:  Was just informed there's already a tabletop wargame group on the site:  HERE.  Deleted mine, because who needs the duplication?]


  1. I tried to join the group, but it said I must be logged in first. I couldn't log in, because I hadn't yet joined!

    Catch 22.....

    Best regards,

    Chris (Yossarian) Johnson

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Turns out there's already a group. Only 20 dudes so far, but we can fix that.


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