Monday, July 4, 2016

Big Nasty Bugs

Giant scorpions are some of my favorite wandering monsters.  Big, armored, and poisonous, even mid-level adventurers have to consider tangling with them.  Wandering around, they don't even have any treasure.  (Unless a clever player thinks to carve out its poison sac for sale to an alchemist.) I've been trying to use more washes in these 15mm figures, and the mottled look turned out okay.  My brushwork needs a little more practice to get washes right. The blood red markings confirm to no known real-world scorpions, but give them a bit more menace.

These are more Reaper Bones figures, transformed from big to giant by the magic of scale creep. The sword-fellow is a sneak peek at a warband that I've been painting up - you'll see him in focus next Monday. 
Happy Independence Day to all you yanks on the other side of the big pond.

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  1. Nice work. Your posts keep making me think I need to look through the Bones models at my local shop.


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